Miley Cyrus Hugs and Cradles Little Girl Suffering From Cancer: Will She Meet Her Idol Justin Bieber Now?

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A 7-year-old cancer patient has a wish to meet number of celebrities including Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus and her first wish has been granted lately. Miley Hodge, who is battling from Stage IV Osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer, has met Miley Cyrus with the help of Make-A-Wish foundation in Los Angeles. However there is speculation in the media that her meeting with Miley did not turn out to be as exciting as she was hoping for and now she is hoping she will have a memorable meeting with Bieber.

Hodge's very first love was always Justin Bieber but when it was revealed that he is not available due to his busy schedule, the young child settled for Miley Cyrus instead. "From what I know, it was not a very good experience for them. The family went to Los Angeles and were put off for nearly a week before they met [Cyrus]," a family friend told

"They finally met at the recording studio and from what I understand, Cyrus was more interested in what she was doing in the studio than paying attention to the little girl," the source added, according to the Web site.

However is displaying pictures of Miley meeting the little girl and looking at them it seems that Miley Cyrus did her best to cheer her up. The "Wrecking Ball" songstress is seen cradling the little girl in her arms and Hodge is seen hugging her favourite idol Miley in a cute embrace. Check out the pictures here.

Hodge's dad Bert revealed to Radar that her little girl's doctors have told him back in December that she just has four-to-six months to live. The emotional dad is trying to do everything he can to make her dying daughter happy and grant her every single wish. The little girl is also a huge Belieber and identifies herself with Justin who is very vocal about never to give up on her dreams.

"I think that if she wants to meet 50 celebrities, she deserves that chance. She has fought hard to stay alive. She has beaten the odds, [and] hasn't gave up," the source told Radar.

The hashtag #JustinMeetMiley and #Pray4Miley have been trending on Twitter and the Hodge family is being helped by an organization Believe4Children to her wish come true.

"She doesn't have much time left. She is an amazing girl. She is always smiling and wants to make sure everyone else is ok. When she hasn't been in the hospital, she's gone back to visit other patients who are there. Now, we're hoping to make her dream of meeting Justin Bieber come true," the source added.

Here is hoping that the little girl does get to meet Justin Bieber and it helps her heal and become happy. Prayers for her. Check out her heartbreaking picture below.

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