Miley Cyrus is a Home Wrecker? VMA’s Antic Ruined Robin Thicke’s Marriage

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Is Miley Cyrus a home wrecker? The 21-year-old pop songstress is apparently being linked to the break-up of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's nine-year-long marriage.

Sources close to Robin and Paula told TMZ that Miley's antics during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) was one of the reasons why their marriage fell apart. The popular gossip entertainment Web site reported that Miley's performance at the VMA came to Paula as a surprise. Although she knew that Robin and Miley will be performing a single number, the former Disney star's raunchy improvisation made Paula feel humiliated and completely insulted.

Paula got into a heated argument with Robin immediately after the show. She felt she was awfully embarrassed in front of national TV. The source stated that Robin's allegedly nonchalant attitude, such as his being pictured grabbing a woman's ass in the VMA after-parties, continuous partying with different women, has fueled her intention to end her relationship with him. Things between Paula and her soon-to-be ex-husband just never got better.

As for Miley, a source close to her revealed to Hollywood Life that she is angered and pissed why her name is being linked to Paula and Robin's separation. "Miley is so sick of being dragged into all these breakups," said the source. "She had nothing to do with Robin and Paula splitting, just like she had nothing to do with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breaking up." The source made it clear that Miley's VMA performance with Robin doesn't mean anything and that nothing was going on between them.

Robin is devastated how his marriage has turned. According to another report by TMZ, he is going to win his wife back. He promised that he will stop doing the crazy things he had been embroiled in the past so that Paula can take him back. The duo first met when Robin was only 15 years old. They wed in 2005 and welcomed their son, Julian Fuego, five years later.

Is Robin's gestures a little too late? Should Paula take him back for the sake of their son?

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