Miley Cyrus Goes With NO PANTS Visiting Canada with Aussie Beau, Liam Hemsworth


Miley Cyrus sure can’t be tamed. Liam Hemsworth's fiancée is certainly not afraid of who and how she is and what in heaven she is thinking at all time. She is recently making headlines not only for making us all think that she “has relationship problems” (which is apparently not true) with Liam; for being outspoken and for her racy outfits.

The singer has recently come for a vacation with her boyfriend Liam in the wilderness of Canada. The report by Yahoo OMG noted that she was spotted in the northern area of Alberta, Canada, adding the singer’s consistency with her fashion.

As she was seeing the beauty Canada has to offer, Miley opted to go around Alberta wearing no pants - - her choice of fashion recently. E! Online reported that the celebrity couple are finding quality time near Jasper Fairmont Park Lodge located in the province of Alberta. A fan had reportedly bumped into Cyrus at the Matrix Hotel in Edmonton City on Saturday.

If not with Liam, Miley’s attention is apparently with her phone, not to mention her engagement ring from the Australian hunk.

"She said hi and was nice and kept texting on her phone. The thing [that was noticeable] was the ring Miley was wearing," E! said, citing a statement of a witness who had seen Miley painting many towns red in Canada.

The source could not stop gushing over Miley’s engagement ring.

The source said, "It looked like big engagement ring. It was a massive. She was wearing short shorts and heels and was all legs. She was very pleasant and seemed happy texting whoever she was texting."

Meanwhile, Yahoo noted that Miley was in Canada when she received “twerking-twitter-praise” (well, sort of) from music mogul, Jay-Z. It was a bit surprise to see Beyonce’s husband being engaged in a conversation on social media. But it was a welcome change, even for a moment, or rather, four hours.

Jay-Z has called out Miley in his latest album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” and he was asked about his “praise” for Cyrus, particularly about her twerking skills, in his song that said: “"Somewhere in America." "Cause somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerkin', ha!"

Miley chimed in and thanked Jay-Z for the “remarks.”

Miley has just released her latest single, “We Can’t Stop,” in June. She was rumoured to have broken up with Liam back then when she tweeted having problems in her relationship. But Liam has never left the house he shared with Miley and the two spending some time together in Canada simply silenced any break-up rumours.

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