Miley Cyrus Goes Commando, Flashes Private Parts In Short Shorts [PHOTOS]

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Oh, Miley. Somehow, you got us all thinking that you really hate your clothes. In what seemed to be another “wardrobe malfunction” moment, Miley Cyrus has gone commando and flashed her private parts during a night out with Nicole Scherzinger and and Pixie Geldof at the London’s Cirque Le Soir club on Monday night.

With just an extremely denim cut-out shorts to protect her modesty, the former child star suffered a case of a front wedgie, with her privates peeking out from her shorts. While her top looked conservative, it was the bottom part of her ensemble that got people staring.

She partied at the club with Nicole and Pixie until 4:30 am.

This isn’t the first time Miley has gone out without underwear. She skipped wearing knickers during a bike ride in October 2012, and the paparazzi were there to photograph the whole thing. And earlier in June, she went shopping in another short shorts without undies. Needless to say, the photogs got an eyeful of her cheeky buns.

On July 15, 2013, she arrived on the set of the U.S. morning show, Good Morning America, wearing a black dress. The length was at a respectable an inch or two above her knees, but it was the top this time that became the centre of attention.

Miley has gone braless, (purposely?) showing off her nipples through the thin fabric of her dress.

It’s hard to defend that Miley’s numerous wardrobe malfunctions were all accidents. After all, she knows she’s going to be photographed all the time. Even before she reached the legal age, there were incidents where she was photographed unflatteringly, showing off more than what was allowed at her age.

And with Miley’s rather risqué photo shoots with different magazines, it’s clear that she has been trying so hard to get rid of the sweet, teenybopper image that she got playing Hannah Montana on Disney Channel.

It’s working, though. Nowadays, people can’t seem to get the image of her twerking out of their heads.

For those who haven’t seen her twerk yet or for people who need a reminder, here’s a video of her infamous twerking dance moves at Juicy J’s concert:

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