Miley Cyrus Gets a Toned Body by Following Pilates Exercises: Benefits of the Exercise

In Pilates, Every Exercise Focusses on the Abs, it is Relaxing and Rejuvenating Unlike Other Exercises
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Miley Cyrus
U.S. singer Miley Cyrus performs at the O2 Arena in central London May 6, 2014. REUTERS/Olivia Harris Reuters

Miley Cyrus has a fit and toned body. When she first took to work out's and diets a year back, her sudden weight loss sparked several rumors of her being an anorexic, some of her fans loved the new body while the others showed public disapproval to her new look on the internet. Miley however, is fit and healthy and has gone the right way to lose weight and stay in shape.

Her trainer Mari Winsor revealed that the young pop star had been following the gluten free diet diet and a strict workout regime that included "The 100," the "double leg stretch" and "the criss-cross". These exercises are specifically for the abs which Miley and she were both determined to target. She said that Miley calls her abs, her "powerhouse."

Miley spent a year doing Pilates along with her trainer. "Her mother had done Winsor Pilates, and when Miley wanted to do Pilates, her mom recommended me. Her results are due to her commitment, hard work and every day workouts," Winsor told Web site FitSugar. She also revealed that Miley is a fan of all the Pilates exercises, particularly those that sculpt the abs

"In Pilates, every exercise that you do is focused on your abs, or as we call it in Pilates, your powerhouse," said Winsor.

Pilates exercises combine strengthening and relaxation. It makes a huge difference in one's health and is extremely rejuvenating. Aliesa George, Pilates instructor in Wichita, Kan. said, "Pilates was developed as a system. People will get the best benefits if they utilise it as a system, doing exercises on the mat and the equipment." Little Rock, Ark., internist Hoyte Pyle, MD, who has been practising Pilates for five years said that Pilates works the whole body in synergy which is how we should be moving on a daily basis.

Unlike other exercises, it does not take a toll on one's body and increases flexibility, strengthens muscle, tones the body, improves the exerciser's posture and betters co-ordination. The exercise also complements other exercises and can be made to suit any body type. However, if one is suffering from back aches it is important to first do a diagnosis and then go ahead with the exercise, if not it could lead to more complications. While Pilates can be a great relief for back pains, it is essential to know the cause of the back pain and then go to a medical practitioner who teaches Pilates.

According to a research conducted by the American Council on Exercise, Pilates is not a cardiovascular (aerobic) workout nor is it a substitute for strength training. It does not help build muscle mass. It is not a major calorie burner either. It was seen that on an average, participants in a 50-minute Pilates mat workout burnt only 175 to 250 calories. The beginners were at the lower end while the advanced were at the higher end, burning 250 calories.

Before doing the exercise, an overall knowledge of the exercise including the benefits and possible harms must be analysed.

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