Miley Cyrus' Fan Guilty over Scandalous Underwear Stuffing Photo that Goes Viral on Twitter

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Miley Cyrus never fails to shock people. The 21-year-old "Wrecking Ball" singer sent everyone in "OMG!!" mood when she stuffed a fan's underwear (a thong actually) in her mouth! Yes you heard it right. The incident happened on Sunday in Tacoma, Washington and the picture of Miley Cyrus with the used underwear in mouth has gone viral. However, Jason Trann - a "Smiler" who took that picture of Miley doing her "thang" is now feeling guilty because of the negative publicity his favorite singer is getting.

Talking exclusively on Twitter, Jason shared the moment when the bizarre incident happened. He does not remember whose thong it was exactly which Miley put in her mouth but he does know that Miley was very "happy" doing it and everybody was "cheering on."

"Everybody was cheering her on, smiling, and laughing but I don't want my tweet to seem like I am trying to diss on," Jason wrote in his Twitter message when asked how his did he feel seeing his favorite star do this kind of stuff.

"Best night of my life, she performed amazing, everything about her show was perfect, and she looked amazing while performing," Trann added.

Trann's tweet has gone viral and he has this feeling that he did not do the right thing to highlight this act of Miley. Hence, he has apologized to the singer too.

"Please don't take that tweet wrong. I love you and you're amazing @MileyCyrus #bangerztour," Trann says in one of his Tweets.

Miley Cyrus' "Bangerz" tour, which kicked off on Valentine's Day, has been full of surprises and naughty inputs from the most controversial singer. Miley made a spectacular entry on a huge flying hot dog and also shocked the nation when she tried to do a Monika Lewinsky act ( perform oral sex) on a fake Bill Clinton. There has been lot of twerking, skimpy leotard dresses with weed printed on them and lot of other factors which can shock people. But then she is just being Miley. Isn't it?

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