Miley Cyrus' Family Cashing in on Her Name? Launching New You Tube Channel 'Seriously Cyrus' [SEE PROMO]

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Miley Cyrus' family are ready to cash in on her name big time and are launching a You Tube channel just like "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." Miley's elder sister Brandi has come up with an interesting teaser about the upcoming channel where she introduces all the members of her family, including her famous singer sister Miley Cyrus! Check out the promo here.

The introduction begins with Brandi Cyrus sitting on a couch in a casual way and she tells us that she is coming up with an idea of launching a channel on You Tube where all the members of her family will put up new videos each week. Her mother Tish Cyrus will run a chat show while little sister Noah will have her own music and acting talent to show off. Guess what has the family decided to keep its name? It's called "Seriously Cyrus!" and we ask, seriously? Is this for real?

"As you all know, my family has a lot going on. But that's why we decided to come together and do something special just for you guys," says Brandi Cyrus in the video.

Brandi Cyrus introduced the channel on December 14 on YouTube with this description, "Welcome to our new channel: Seriously Cyrus, Subscribe for new videos every week from the family!." The elder sister to Miley also gave the Twitter and Facebook link to the channel. Check out the Twitter link here and the Facebook link here while the family's Instagram link is

From the look of it, the channel seems like a sneak peek into Miley's large hearted family. The names of the show have also been decided and are as follows, " Truly Tish" featuring Miley's beautiful mother, "Sunday Sessions" with Billy Ray - Miley's dad who is also a country artist; "Take 2" with the younger sis Noah - who will remake the movie scenes.

We are just hoping we get to see special appearances by Miley Cyrus on her very own family show. Wonder will she twerk or get scantily dressed in her own family? Let's wait and watch.

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