Miley Cyrus Encourages Fans to Smoke Weed, Improves Chances of Getting Laid [WATCH VIDEO]

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Miley Cyrus is back with a bang to complete her remaining part of the "Bangerz" tour and is also back to doing what she does the best - give shocking statements. The 21-year-old stunned everyone at her recent London concert when she advised her audience to stop smoking cigarettes! Yes, Miley is against smoking as it makes ones "sick."

Well, before the "Smilers" start believing that she is someone who believes in healthy living, think again. Miley prefers to smoke pot than cigarette. According to the "Wrecking Ball" songstress, smoking was her favorite pastime once and it continued for a couple of years. Furthermore, Miley believes that weed is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarette as weed does not kill anyone!

"Weed has never killed anybody. You guys know that, right?" Miley asked her audience on stage when she spotted someone in the audience smoking a cigarette, reports. "So instead of smoking your cigarettes, why don't you guys just roll a fat joint?"

Miley even called the time she smoked cigarette as "the best three years of my life." However the smoking made her so sick that no one "wanted to make out with her." But everything changed when she switched over to weed!

"In the middle of smoking all these joints... I could get any guy and girl to make out with me, because my breath smelled so hot," Miley revealed to her audience!

The statements that Miley make on stage are heard by her mother Tish Cyrus, who is always present backstage to help her daughter in case of emergencies like the one where she suffered a bit of wardrobe malfunction. Miley's dress came off at one point and Tish was quick to help her daughter tie the knot and cover her modesty when it happened.

Miley's younger sister Noah Cyrus is also reportedly accompanying her elder sister on her "Bangerz" tour and the two are seen spending lot of time together which include posting pictures on their Instagram account. Is Miley doing justice to her young underage audience (she has huge fans following from teenagers) by advocating weed and having sex? Take a look at the video below where Miley is telling her fans to smoke weed to get laid.


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