Miley Cyrus Dropped Friendship with Demi Lovato Due to Differences: 'Miley thinks Demi is no fun at all'

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Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus have officially ended their friendship albeit in a very public way. Both stars un-followed each other on the social networking site, Twitter. The latest reports claim it was Miley who first clicked on the un-follow button but for what reasons? According to rumours, Miley thinks Demi is "no fun at all."

"Smilers" know that their beloved idol is all about fun which tackles a whole range of activities from smoking pot onstage to partying like a stripper. She's also quite vocal and practically active about her substance abuse on her social networking accounts. While this may seem like a lot of fun for her fans, one particular friend of the former Disney star thinks it is unhealthy.

Demi Lovato, who had struggled with substance abuse in the early stages of her life, might have had a successful rehabilitation but she's still struggling with the dangers of substance abuse. Of course, she's only being a "good friend" who is constantly reminding Miley Cyrus of her "mad" ways. Yet, Miley doesn't seem to see the good out of the "good" advice.

"Demi preaches her way through avoiding partying thanks to her past and Miley is all about it. Miley wants a friend and not a parent, and that is exactly the vibe Demi gives off. Miley thinks Demi is a literal buzz kill," says a source in an exclusive report by Hollywood Life.

"It is the ultimate oil and water situation between them both. They are not friends because Miley does everything Demi is against and Miley thinks Demi is no fun at all. So you can imagine how that would work out when they would be together," continued the source.

Well, Miley Cyrus might just have to suffer the consequences of her actions in due time. As for Demi, she hasn't taken the "un-follow" to heart. In fact, the "X-Factor" judge was too busy to care as she's currently in her "Neon Lights" tour.

"Ain't nobody got time fo dat!!! #pettybullshit #toobusykillingit #cutethough #NEONLIGHTSTOUR," tweeted Lovato.

While Miley and Demi shared a bond back in Disney, there seems to be none of it left now. Still, Demi has Selena Gomez plus a few A-list pals in the biz to hang out with. She recently crashed Little Mix's' concert at St. Paul, Minnesota wearing a snowman costume. Check out the Instagram post below.

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