Miley Cyrus Disses 'Haylor' Romance on Twitter

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Fans are definitely going to love the new Twitter fight going on. Former Disney princess, Miley Cyrus has said to publicly diss country crooner, Taylor Swift. Is this over a Grammy nod, a magazine cover or a film role? Apparently, it is over the two celebrities' separate love life issues. If anything can be said, Miley is definitely not a "Haylor" fan.

Twitter is the best site to go to stalk celebrities and see what Hollywood people are doing. As for other people, it is the site to go for the juiciest gossip and fights in the business. The newest one that has been gaining quite the attention is Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus' fight. So what went down?

Thank a magazine for an info-graphic which was of course tweeted by reporter, Ken Baker. This was then retweeted by the former "Hannah Montana" star. What was the photo all about anyway?

Miley Cyrus Disses 'Haylor' Romance on Twitter
Miley Cyrus Disses 'Haylor' Romance on Twitter

"[Miley] is called a s**t or b**ch everyday. Has been with the same guy for more than three years and is engaged to him," while the caption next to Taylor clearly points out: "is called sweet, elegant, inspirational. Has been with more than 13 guys for the past three years!" said the caption with the photo of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus was quick to respond to the said tweet of course and "Swifties" had dubbed it as a direct diss to Taylor Swift.

"people are idiots and call me a S**T when I am engaged at 20 cuz I am madly in love with ONE man. Just happy someone admitted it," tweeted Miley Cyrus.

While Miley was simply trying to state her point, a lot of people on Twitter were quick to judge and had said Miley's tweet had started a feud with Swift.

"haha there is no tweet heat! Don't go trying to make this look like I started any kinda drama. I laughed because I know," tweeted Cyrus.

Despite the negative connotation and terms, the info-graphic/ tweet does make sense. To count, Miley has over five boyfriends in a lifetime and has been engaged to one for almost three years. As for Taylor Swift, the country crooner had almost over ten boyfriends of which none had even lasted a year.

Still, it would be up to Miley and Taylor's fans to decide - slut or not.

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