Miley Cyrus 'Definitely Dating' Rolling Stone Magazine Heir Theo Wenner

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Move over Liam Hemsworth, Miley has a new man in life and is completely in lust with him, it has been reported. The 20-year-old reportedly dating Rolling Stone magazine heir Theo Wenner and the pair is currently keeping their romance under wraps as Miley has just been out of a relationship.

According to Hollywood Life, the "Wrecking Ball" is so involved with the Rolling Stone' photographer Theo that she reportedly left her "Saturday Night Party" after party early on Oct. 5 to meet up with him and was seen texting him throughout the show.

"I wanna see you too," she types at around 2:49 am. "Should you have your drink-y I'll get this done and come see you."

"That sounds like a good plan-y," he writes back.

"What time ya thinking you'll be home-y?," Miley asks.

The video of their late-night text messages was shot in a Manhattan restaurant where Miley sat with her back to the window.

The ex-Hannah Montana singer reportedly met 26-year-old Theo during the photo shoot for the cover of Rolling Stone, where Miley appears topless. Theo, who is a former model, was earlier famously dating 36-year-old Liv Tyler in 2011 despite their age gap. Looks like Miley's new guy has a habit of falling for his subjects as Liv Tyler too posed for the Rolling Stone Magazine cover in 2011.

Theo has earlier shot with Robert Pattinson, Ke$ha, MGMT, and Corinne Bailey Rae, other than Miley Cyrus.

According to Radar that the recently single Cyrus "communicates with Wenner several times a day and says the pair are dating, albeit casually."

Miley claimed to being "obsessed with being single" on the recent Ellen DeGenres show. However, the "We Can't Stop" singer reportedly sneaked out to meet Theo on October 8 when she was throwing the party for the release of her new album "BANGERZ."

"She's definitely dating him," a source told the website.  

"Miley talks about how hot Theo is and how nice he's been to her. She's definitely completely in lust with him," the source reveals.  

"He didn't come to the release party, but she snuck out at one point and went and met him at The Plaza," the source added dishing out more information that Wenner also sent Miley a huge bunch of flowers on the release date of her album.  

Wenner, who is also known as "New York playboy," is the son of Rolling Stone magazine owner and chief editor, Jann Wenner. Theo's father came out as gay and announced a relationship with fashion designer Matt Nye in 1995, after divorcing his wife. Theo started as an intern at the magazine before becoming a photographer for it.  

Do you guys think Miley Cyrus and Theo Wenner will make a cute couple or would it be just a fling?

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