Miley Cyrus Criticism By Radio 1 Presenter Gets Her Death and Sexual Threats

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You will either love Miley Cyrus or hate her. However, Miley Cyrus fans do not accept an emotion, which is not extreme.  They can go to any length to defend their idol. BBC Radio 1 chart show presenter, Jameela Jamil, has received "terrifying" death and sexual threats after she discussed on her show that whether the 21-year-old singer's antics were contributing to the objectification of women's bodies.

Smilers - fans of Miley Cyrus did not like the apparent criticism of Miley. They responded with nasty comments, directed at the talk show hostess after she said that Miley uses sexuality to get media attention.

"I have had quite a lot of those death threats, really scary sexual threats, all because I might have touched on Miley Cyrus and her overt use of her sexuality and her vagina to give her more of a platform in the media," Jamil said at a conference in London, BBC reports.

"I debated whether it was the right way to go necessarily for the progression of woman and it was just terrifying, the onslaught that you receive," Jamil added.

Jamil, who is a popular hostess on Radio 1, believes that media should actually put in an effort to support other women, rather than humiliating them by posting their unflattering pictures. Jamil also wants women to stop tagetting other women, as she believes that they should actually work towards empowering other women. In her interview, the radio host said that most women pop stars feel proud of the fact that they are liberating themselves by exposing their bodies. However in reality, they fail to understand that this only leads to women becoming objectified.

"Women, especially a lot of pop stars, tend to treat it as if they are using it to empower themselves, taking ownership [of their bodies], taking the taboo out of it, when in fact what they are doing is perpetuating something created by men," Jamil said.

The radio presenter feels that the women's bodies have been used as a "spectacle and objectified." It is a shame, according to her. because women like Miley Cyrus, who has a huge fan following, actually has a platform to make a difference and to shape a generation's minds. But what Miley does is just the opposite. She portrays women as object of desire and not someone who should be respected, Jamil told BBC. 

Do you think Miley Cyrus' acts are promoting sexual objectification of women? 

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