Miley Cyrus Criticised for Scandalous 'Adore You' Music Video: Madonna, Beyonce and Gaga Spared from Criticism [VIDEOS]

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Miley Cyrus has dropped another bomb and it's called "Adore You." The 21-year-old does what every sexually liberated person of this age might indulge in - masturbation! Yes, you heard it right; the most controversial singer is seen pleasuring herself in the music video of her third song from the album "Bangerz." Miley's provocative faces could put the likes of pop diva Madonna and burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese to shame.

The video starts with a fresh faced Miley, sans any makeup. She seems to be in her bedroom and just woken up wearing skin coloured panties and bra. Her hair is undone and she looks kind of amazing without make up and vulnerable at the same time. As soon as the music starts, the singer starts the never ending process of pleasuring herself, touching her body parts provocatively and writhing between the sheets. She tosses and turns as she licks her fingers again and again (missing her famous foam finger of MTV'?) At one point in the video, Miley's hands goes inside her panties as if she wants to make it very clear that this truly is what is on her mind!

If all this was not shocking enough for you, we see another Miley in black corset kind of dress in a bath tub. The cycle of pleasuring herself and licking her fingers continues for some more time! What was Miley thinking when she was making the music video? Did she think that this is art and creativity? If we look at Madonna's music video of "Gang Bang" and "Erotica" we will see that they have much more nudity ( bare breasts) and very racy contents where she is seen making out with women as well as men and even has BDSM overtones. The videos were so racy that they had to be censored. Yet Madonna is considered a pop diva today and has garnered huge respect in her career time.

Is Miley trying to ape the pop princess Madonna to reach the same heights? Beyonce's latest visual album "Beyonce" too has X-rated music videos where she is showing off ample skin. Beyonce herself admitted to like Madonna and considers the pop singer her idol. "Applause" singer Lady Gaga too considers Madonna her idol and her music videos are equally filled with nudity and lots of skin.

If Beyonce and Lady Gaga can get respect by aping Madonna, why can't Miley? There could be few reasons if we look deeper. Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce are hugely talented singers and there has not been one instance where there talent could be criticised. They are mature singers and have proved their talent by garnering multiple awards. For them, nudity comes second and singing is their first priority. Whereas it is just opposite for Miley, who has just started her singing career some time back and is yet to prove her worth. She needs to focus her energies in equal directions of singing and proving herself as the best. Miley's career probably needs some time before she too gets accepted like the pop divas and is not questioned when she releases provocative videos. Check out all music videos below by various artists and compare them to Miley Cyrus 'Adore you" and tell us which one is the raciest? What are your views? Kraweć·



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