Miley Cyrus Cries on Stage While Giving Tribute to Deceased Pet, Shares Images of 'Sad Eyes' on Instagram, Calls Herself 'F***ing Miserable'

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Miley Cyrus broke into tears on stage while singing "Landslide" in Boston. She apparently failed to bear the pain of her beloved pet puppy Floyd passing away on April 1. She called herself "f***ing miserable" on Twitter.

Miley told the audience that the Alaskan Klee Kai used to accompany her when she listened to Fleetwood Mac. That was why she decided to give a tribute to her late companion by singing the classic, Us Magazine reported. Miley said that it would be "hard" for her to sing that song, as she did not sound like she usually did. She also said that she did not feel like herself. Miley shared images of her sad eyes on Instagram. See HERE and HERE.

The 21-year-old pop sensation, who usually looks at her defiant best, showed her softer side. She did not hesitate to express herself in public. She said that she was extremely upset because of her pet dog's death. She said that Floyd was her favourite. She choked up at times while trying to sing her "favourite song" which she used to listen to along with her canine friend. Her fans, clearly supportive of her grief, gave her a huge round of applause as she finished the song.

Earlier on Tuesday, April 2, Miley tweeted that it was the "3rd worst day" of her life. She said that she was "broken" as Floyd, her "precious baby", passed away. She seemed to have been overwhelmed by her emotions, as she said that she wished she, too, had passed away with her dog. However, she said that she knew that she actually did not mean what she wished for. The "unbearable" pain made her "miserable." Miley, who is generally known for setting the stage on fire with her performance, promised Boston that she would try to deliver her best anyway.

As Miley broke down on stage, her little sis Noah went to the stage and stood by her. The world saw a different Miley, the one she might have guarded with her audacious exterior, so far.

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