Miley Cyrus Cries, Gets Naked and Licks Iron Hammer in New Music Video "Wrecking Ball" [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

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If you thought that MTV Video Music Awards was all that Miley Cyrus has to offer us to move away from her past image, you are probably wrong. You have to watch the music video of her second single "Wrecking Ball" from the upcoming album "BANGERZ" to believe what extent Miley can go to.

There is no stopping for the 20-year-old "We Can't Stop" songstress as she strips completely and gets fully naked in this new music video. As the video opens, we can see a close up of Miley's pretty face (yes she looks amazingly pretty here with her red lips and blue eyes) and then tears start rolling from her eyes! We get to see a different side of Miley Cyrus in this new music video - where she plays a jilted lover who is hurt and bruised in love.

"Wrecking Ball" is completely opposite to Miley's previous works. Here she does not have to pretend that she has grown up and left her Hannah Montana days behind. We get to see a serious Miley who has given her heart and soul to this song, which is very poetic to ears.

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As the camera moves away from Miley's eyes and face, we see her sitting atop a huge ball, swinging to the tune of the music, wearing only tiny white underwear and a thin white vest. But suddenly the camera shows a fully naked Miley sans any clothes and it is then that the song tempo rises to a sudden hitch-pitched one. Miley swings naked on the ball holding iron chains, breaks the concrete walls behind her with a huge iron hammer and is seen crying throughout the video.

"Wrecking Ball" is directed by famous photographer Terry Richardson, with whom Miley also did a controversial photo-shoot where she showed her middle finger and held her crotch for the camera.

"#WreckingBallTODAYonvevo directed by Terry Richardson =]," Miley wrote on her Instagram account posting a picture of her and Terry together.

The songstress smashes more walls as the video nears the end. Miley is also seen licking an iron hammer (couldn't really understand why) before dropping down tired in the middle of the entire rubble.

What is worth mentioning here is that Miley wins her fans heart in the video without twerking or any provocative dance moves. She just sings from her heart and taking off her clothes could be symbolic to "shed off all lies" and get out of the negative emotions.

Some of her fans were quick to notice that the song could be about Miley and her boyfriend Liam. "Song is good. I imagine it's about her and Liam. The music video is possibly the most disturbing thing I have seen in my life though....", wrote one fan Amanda Harvey on her You Tube page.

Another fan called the song "a masterpiece and world class."

"To my surprise the song lyrics, singing and video are WORLD CLASS," said one fan David W Cordle on You Tube.

"Wrecking Ball" is from Miley Cyrus's upcoming album"BANGERZ," which is led by Cyrus' hit single, "We Can't Stop" and is due on Oct 4.

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