Miley Cyrus Could Be Justin Bieber's New Step Mom? Allegedly Hooks Up with Justin's Dad in Hotel Room [PHOTOS]

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Miley Cyrus could be Justin Bieber's new step mom! Don't believe the possibility? Well, here are a few facts (or rumours!). Fans know that Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber and good friends. But rumour mills are now busy churning news that Miley has also gone a step further and hooked up with Justin Bieber's dad - Jeremy Bieber! Yes, you read it correctly. If the reports of Miley hooking up with Justin's dad's have a slightest truth in them, it would  not be surprising to see Miley becoming Justin's new mommy!

The news has been first reported by a Web site called According to the gossip Web site, Miley was partying hard at the same hotel in Los Angeles sometime back where Justin and his dad were putting up. Miley came to meet both of them in their rented suite and ended up spending time with Justin's dad in his bedroom, the Web site reports.

"Justin and Jeremy rented a suite at a hotel in LA a couple of weeks ago and had a bunch of people over. Miley was there partying hard, and she and Jeremy ended up in one of the bedrooms together for over an hour," a source close to the celebrities told

The source also added that Justin is "all for it" as he has been keen on getting his dad hooked up with a new woman, the Web site suggests.

It is not sure when did the incident took place and how true is the reporting., another celebrity Web site has called the Jeremy-Miley hookup story absolutely "fake, absurd and laughable."

Miley has been quite busy with her "Bangerz" tour since February now and has not been spotted in Los Angeles since quite some time now. The 21-year-old has been performing in N. Carolina, Washington DC, Michigan and then Ohio in the last three weeks. The singer has not been hospitalized for some illness too. So when did this incident really happen? If it took place prior to her tour, why has it come out now? The truth seems dodgy. What are your views? Do you think Miley could stoop so low that she hooked up with Jeremy Bieber? 

Meanwhile take a look at some of Miley's controversial pictures in the slideshow above. 

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