Miley Cyrus Claims People 'Copied' her Hairstyle, Diss for Jennifer Lawrence? [PHOTOS]

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    Cast member Jennifer Lawrence poses on the red carpet before the German premiere of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" in Berlin REUTERS/Thomas Peter
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    Cast member Jennifer Lawrence arrive for the screening of the movie "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" at the Rome Film Festival. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi
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    Actress Jennifer Lawrence from the film "American Hustle" arrives at the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California January 12, 2014. REUTERS REUTERS
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Miley Cyrus has led the fashion extravaganza late last year with all her crazy antics. While some celebrities dissed her for her outrageous outfits and weird style, some went to the extremes of copying her of which the "Wrecking Ball" singer isn't too pleased about. Well, this claimed "copycat" is said to be Jennifer Lawrence who had her hair chopped off in the same Miley cut.

The former Disney star claims to hate people who "copy" her. Ironically, fans of Lady Gaga have slammed her for "copying off" their Mother Monster's fashion antics and style. As for Cyrus, she's insistent she's an original and hates that some stars in the biz have the gall to copy her style.

"I don't know why there is such a fuss about that. I got bored with my long hair, so I cut it off. I didn't want to provoke with it, but I have changed and grew up a bit. But a lot of people copy this hairstyle now," says Miley in an interview with Vogue German Edition (via Ocean Up).

"I don't like that, so I guess I have to change my look again because I hate it when everyone looks the same. I am more for individuality," continued Cyrus.

Well, with regards to her hairstyle was she referring to Jennifer Lawrence of "The Hunger Games?" Fans may recall that Lawrence recently showed off her pixie cut late last year which shocked a number of her fans. Some "Smilers" even claimed the hair cut looked exactly alike to that of Cyrus. So was this a diss aimed at Lawrence?

The "Bangerz" singer was allegedly involved in a feud with the actress over her ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth. It also doesn't help that Lawrence slammed Miley for her "disgusting" stunts.

"It is a part of the entertainment industry that sells. Sex sells, and for some disgusting reason young sex sells even more," says Lawrence to BBC's Newsnight.

Though Miley's name wasn't dropped, it was obvious as to whom Lawrence was referring to. Could Miley's statement in Vogue be payback? Yet, this could also refer to other stars who had chopped off their mane after Miley Cyrus of which includes the Queen B, Beyonce. Then again, would Beyonce even "copy" Cyrus?

For now, check out the slideshow to see more of Jennifer Lawrence and her alleged Miley Cyrus inspired pixie cut hair.

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