Miley Cyrus Big Fans of Rita Ora & Cara Delevingne [PHOTOS]


Miley Cyrus is a fan of many things and recently the former Disney star joins the bandwagon of fans loving the cute pair, Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne. Despite all the rumors of Harry Styles currently dating Cara Delevingne, photos on Cara's Instagram account say otherwise. The only person Cara seems to be "dating" is her "Wifey", Rita Ora. Everyone thinks the pairing is cute including Miley Cyrus.

Cara Delevingne had been rumored to be dating One Direction member, Harry Styles following his famed split from Taylor Swift. However, there is no photo evidence of the two ever going out for drink. The pair might have been photographed back before Taylor Swift was even in the picture but that doesn't seem to be the case now.

In fact, Cara appears to be enjoying the company of a certain female blonde whom the model dearly calls wifey. This would be none other than singer and Rob Kardashian's famous ex-girlfriend, Rita Ora. The pair has been on multiple fashion shoots together. Rita and Cara have been sharing quirky photographs of them together on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

It's not hard to notice two lovely ladies openly expressing their affection for each other. Even Miley Cyrus finds the two incredibly lovely to which she had even tweeted. Cara and Rita even joined in on the tweet of Miley.

"@MileyCyrus: Heyyyyy sexxxxxy ladyyyyy @caradelevingne don't come after me @ritaora #polygamy" woop woop ganbang style!" tweeted Cara, to which Rita addied "we can share! sexy ladies unite! Yum!"

Miley Cyrus sure has an obvious taste for lovely women having noticed Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne. Harry Styles sure as hell won't be able to get his hands on Cara Delevingne not while Cara's wifey, Rita Ora is by her side.

As for Rita, the blonde singer seems to be enjoying the company of Cara as well and Rob Kardashian is the last thing on her mind. Maybe Miley can join in on the pair and start posing with the duo as well.

Take a look at Rita and Cara's photos on the slideshow courtesy of Instagram and Twitter.

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