Miley Cyrus Allegedly Disses Lady Gaga: 'Lady Gaga completely ripped that off'

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Miley Cyrus is obviously not a fan of the "Mother Monster," Lady Gaga. In the latest report by Hollywood Life, the "Bangerz" singer had dissed Lady Gaga for being "unoriginal." Here are all the details.

The former Disney star, Miley Cyrus, might garner a bit of hate again from fans of Lady Gaga after a report from Hollywood Life. According to the report, during the shoot for W magazine, Miley was browsing through one of Cindy Sherman's famous photos when she came upon one photo, Untitled #276. Miley claimed the look was certainty copied by Lady Gaga.

"Lady Gaga completely ripped that off," stated Cyrus. The said photo is that of a "grungy-looking" Cinderella which resembles the "Bad Romance" singer.

Apparently, Cyrus has a tiff with people who are unoriginal which is quite ironic given she has been "ripping off" other people's styles, according to comments made on the report.

"Ok Miley, you think Lady Gaga isn't original? You stole Pink's hairstyle and you copy a lot of Madonna's antics. You are a copycat entertainer. Just retire ok? We are so sick of you," comments Theresa.

"Umm...excuse me? Miley completely ripped Gaga off with the fake teeth and the enlarged eyes just a few weeks's just a little kid who recently learned that she can get attention by acting crazy...I'll enjoy watching her spiral out of control...your 15 minutes are almost over, honey ," comments Marnus.

InTouch Weekly also garnered a few photos that prove Miley Cyrus has been "ripping off" Lady Gaga's style. Check out the photos here.

This isn't the first time Miley has been pretty vocal about her opinion on Lady Gaga. Back during the American Music Awards 2013, the former reacted to the latter's red carpet entrance.

"What a f-ing ... sorry!" said Miley (via Hollywood Life report). "What a big scene stealer! Next time, I'm going to come in on a dragon."

The shade didn't stop there because half way through her interview, Miley threw a tantrum saying: "You can stop interviewing me if you want to go interview Gaga. I don't care. She didn't come up in an embryo this time. That's so boring."

Now, how would Lady Gaga react to all this?

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