Miley Cyrus Advices Parents to Expose Kids to 'Bangerz' Tour for Educational Purposes

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The "Bangerz" Tour will be starting on Valentine's Day and Miley Cyrus expressed that it is educational for children to be exposed to her tour. The "Wrecking Ball" singer expressed her opinions regarding the tour on how kids will learn new things in her show, even though she knows that parents may not agree with her claims. This provoking claim was said during an interview with her sister -- Brandi Cyrus.

Miley has already posted teasers of her tour in her Twitter account and it includes her straddling a large plastic hot dog. The tour will start in Vancouver, Canada and will continue all the way to Europe. A series of promotional videos were released last November 11, 2013. Parents already have a guess on what might happen in the show but Miley believes that it is art.

Parents would clearly disagree with the statement released by the former Disney star. "I want to make things look high-end, like something you would see on Madonna's tour, but make it a lot more young," according to the Inquisitr.

This is just one of the scandalous headlines she made since last August of 2013. It appears that her show will show art in small towns where this kind of art is not permitted. She has declared a ban in twerking in her tour because she wants to be taken seriously and wants her talents to be the main focus of the show.

Even though there are already many speculations on what might go on within the concert, Miley still believes that her talents will wow spectators. This show is not a money-making strategy for Miley but a treat for the fans. Merchandises that are normally sold will be given away during the concert.

One lucky fan will not only witness the show but will also be invited by Miley backstage and it is none other than Matt Peterson. Miley Cyrus declined the very elaborate invitation of her 17-year old fan to prom but promised to hang out with him in her upcoming Arizona show on February 27. People will really stay tuned for more news when it comes to Miley because she never fails to make it to the headlines.

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