Miley Cyrus 2014 VMA Date: Five Things To Know About Jesse, The Guy Who Stole The MTV VMA Show

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U.S. singer Miley Cyrus performs at the O2 Arena in central London
U.S. singer Miley Cyrus performs at the O2 Arena in central London May 6, 2014. REUTERS/Olivia Harris Reuters

After stealing the show last year, Miley Cyrus took the back seat at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and let her date steal the show with his touching speech about youth homelessness. The controversial singer revealed her VMA date via Instagram that fuelled a lot of speculations that she found herself a new boy toy.

Causing a lot of stir without even leaving her seat, Miley brought a homeless guy to speak about the current issue about homelessness. Winning the highest award for the Best Video of the Year, thanks to her controversial hit song "Wrecking Ball," Jesse accepted the award on her behalf and made the most heartfelt speech of the night.

Using his speech to promote the charity that helps young runaways, Jesse is one of the many recipients of My Friend's Place. A homeless shelter that help kids from ages 12 to 15, the charity began in 1988 with Craig Scholz and Steve Lapore started helping out homeless youth in Hollywood.

"Cyrus spent the afternoon at My Friend's Place meeting with youth, learning about the challenges that our young people face on the streets and touring our facilities," according to My Friend's Place Web site during. "Shortly after leaving, Miley shared with her millions of fans and followers on social media that she had the pleasure of hanging out with "some of the coolest young people" she's ever met while at My Friend's Place!"

Here are the five things to know about Miley Cyrus' VMA Date, Jesse.

1. Based on New York Times report, Jesse Helt is originally from Salem, Oregon and has been living in the streets of Hollywood before Miley met him at My Friend's Place on Aug. 19. An organization based in L.A., My Friend's Place helps homeless people from ages 12 to 15 find shelter, jobs, health care and education.

2. After making a lot of buzz from Sunday's rec carpet event, Helt is reportedly heading to his hometown to visit his family.

3. The former Disney star paid everything from Jesse's hotel and spa over the weekend and even bought him the black suit and white dress shirt for the Sunday's event.

4. Jesse is one of the recipients of the Charity and revealed in his speech that he survived the shelters all over Los Angeles.

5. The duo's post-party celebration was in In-N-Out burger joint where the pair posted an Instagram snap wearing hats from the restaurant.

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