Mila Kunis Throws Ashton Kutcher Surprise Birthday Bash

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Ashton Kutcher gets a surprise birthday bash from girlfriend Mila Kunis for his 36th birthday last Saturday, February 8 at his favorite French restaurant. The couple dined together with several close friends as Mila had the whole La Poubelle restaurant in Los Angeles rented for the night. This goes to show how much the "Friends with Benefits" star cares for Ashton and the relationship between the two is definitely going stronger and might even go up the next level soon.

Mila and ashton met while filming the "That '70s Show" started dating April of 2012 but kept things private because Ashton was still married during that time. However, after they had gone public with their relationship, they made other people see how they were and continue to be so into each other.

Although Ashton's birthday was on Friday, they still had the great time at the small get-together planned by Mila. The party is not like the usual parties that Ashton used to attend but rather a small gathering of close friends who wished him well for his special day. It was more laid back where one can make great conversations.

The ambience was perfect and the two definitely looked so in love together as they dined at the French bistro, according to the Daily Mail. The pair have been dating for two years now and a possible engagement may be seen in the near future, especially since Ashton's divorce with Demi Moore was already finalized last 2013.  

The couple is free to get hitched whenever they like, although it may be best to think things through before saying "I do." Rumors regarding a possible engagement surfaced over the holidays. However, there is still no announcement about the engagement coming from the couple but people close to the pair are claiming that it might be soon.

Mila gets along well with Ashton's friends like she's part of the pack, according to Us Magazine, and Ashton seemed to also have changed for the better as he doesn't party like he did a few years back. If things do progress between the two, then it will be a perfect match.

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