Mila Kunis to Quit Acting after Becoming Mother

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Mila Kunis
At #9 on Maxim 2014 Hot 100 is Mila Kunis. REUTERS

Mila Kunis is going to disappoint her fans after she gives birth to Ashton Kutcher's baby. The actress has revealed her plans of quitting acting after she becomes a mother.

The pregnant actress said that she would not mind sacrificing her career for the child as acting was not her top priority. "I don't eat and breathe acting," she said. Kunis is expected to give birth to her child with fiancé Kutcher in the latter part of 2014. Motherhood will be her top priority, she said. She said that she had already decided to take a year off for her pregnancy as she would hate to become a person with only "business on her mind." Kunis said that she was excited to be a "full-time mom."

Kunis has had several successful films in her kitty. Probably, the most striking film in her career was "Black Swan." The Darren Aronofsky film also stars Natalie Portman who won the Academy Award for the Best Actress for her portrayal of The Swan Queen in the movie. Kunis was nominated as the best supporting actress in various award functions for her portrayal of The Black Swan. She won the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actress at the Venice Film Festival for the role. She was also nominated for the Golden Globe Awards.

"The Black Swan," however, feels that acting is her hobby which has "turned into a great profession" for her. She gave the example of Meryl Streep who might have a different perspective about career. Kunis, nevertheless, is looking forward to her motherhood. The "That '70s Show" actress, on the other hand, kept the options open as she said that it would also depend on how she would feel after having the break. "Give me a year of not working and I'll see how I feel," Kunis said.

The actress, nonetheless, clarified that she was in no mood to have a gala wedding with Kutcher. She did not want to get married since she was 12. Still, after finding the love of her life, Kunis now plans to have a secret and private ceremony.

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