Mila Kunis Pregnant by Boyfriend Ashton Kutcher Soon? Actress Taking Pregnancy Vitamins; Couple Loves Babies Talk

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Mila Kunis is currently trying to get pregnant with her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher and has reportedly been taking pregnancy vitamins lately. According to OK! Magazine, Kunis and Kutcher are ready to start a family and now is a perfect time for them. This is the latest round of engagement, wedding and baby buzz following Kutcher's split from Demi Moore.

With Ashton's divorce from Demi Moore now completely finalized, he is free to get married again. This is in time his girlfriend Mila Kunis reveals a gold band on her engagement finger and it seems that the couple may just be well planning on taking the next step.

"Ashton and Mila have been trying to have a baby for months now," an insider told the magazine. "She has gained 10 pounds and is now taking pregnancy vitamins. Rumours say she is looking like she could already be carrying a baby and lately, you cannot even wipe the smile off Ashton's face. The atmosphere with them is simply electric."

Mila seems to be in a happy place with Ashton and has been talking about kids with him for some time now. "It all started when Ashton showed her a photo of a baby in a magazine and commented that he wanted to dress their baby in that style," the insider continued telling OK! "Mila giggled when she cradled her tummy. She was glowing the whole time she was getting her pedicure!"

Mila has been opting for super casual street style looks instead of red carpet glam and is usually spotted wearing sweats recently. Could this be a normal weekend outfit or is she trying to cover a baby bump?

It was reported that Kutcher and Kunis, who met at the set of "That 70's Show" are desperate to have a family. "They both want babies. It is something they are vocal about. I cannot imagine it will still be very long before Mila gets pregnant. Maybe right after they get engaged, if not even sooner. Ashton is certainly planning a proposal. They are incredibly affectionate and it is completely effortless," an alleged insider source close to Kutcher told People magazine.

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