Mila Kunis Guest Stars in 'Two and a Half Men' with Ashton, Wedding Bells Soon to be Heard

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The hot couple, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who have been rumoured to be taking things more seriously may have finally taken the big step and got themselves engaged and starring in the latter's show "Two and a Half Men." This is the second show that the two have been together. The 30-year-old Ukranian beauty will star as Walden's (Ashton) love interest in the show, as reported by E Online.

The young Vivian (Kunis) will show up in the doorstep of Walden and the two will instantly feel a connection between them but the problem is Walden has already planned on proposing to another girl which makes it complicated, in a report from NY Daily. The show has been garnering more views now that the timeslot has been changed and more fans are able to see it.

Now that Ashton is a free man with his divorce being finalised last November 2013, he is free to marry his girlfriend for two years, according to Us Magazine. The two met when they were still younger in "That '70s Show" and seems to be perfect for each other. Rumours of the two finally getting engaged have been hot in the presses and it may be sooner rather than later that the couple will get hitched.

Although the pair has not formally announced their engagement, Hollywood insiders believe that the two have finally taken the big step after Mila was spotted with a very elegant diamond ring while shopping with her mother last Tuesday, February 28. The two are always spotted together and seems to be deeply in love with each other and are just waiting to seal the deal with a wedding.

Sources close to the couple think that the two will not wait long and that they might be together forever. Fans took different sides on Twitter regarding the couple's engagement. Many fans of the "That 70's Show" reminisce on the pair Jackie and Kelso after the news of the engagement of the two broke. Mila and Ashton getting together in "Two and a Half Men" might feel like a continuation for their fans and CBS is probably banking on that.

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