Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher: Couple Shared Sweet Kiss For 'Kiss Cam' at a Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Game [VIDEO]

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Couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis had another public display of affection during the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game at Staples Center last Friday, January 3. The audience cheered on as the lovebirds shared a sweet kiss for the famous "Kiss Cam" that focused on them.

"The couple were seen smiling and laughing with one another, choosing to shyly hide behind Ashton's baseball cap to share a tender kiss when they were targeted by The Staples Center's 'kisscam'," reports the Hello! Magazine. In the Uproxx report, the game announcers even commented that the couple looked very much in-love as Mila Kunis played with Ashton Kutcher's nose.


The 30-year-old "Black Swan" actress dressed up casually for the game with a grey top and blazer, navy leggings and black ankle boots. "Embarrassed at being singled out of the crowd, Mila held her hand over her mouth, showing off nails which were painted royal blue and orange," reported the magazine further.

Ashton, 35, and Mila became good friends first as they worked together in the sitcom "That '70s Show" before diving into a serious romantic relationship. Engagement and pregnancy rumours followed the couple especially now that the "Two and a Half Men" actor's divorce from actress Demi Moore got finalized in November 2013.

Mr Kutcher's ex-wife appears to have also moved on from her failed marriage with a new guy. The New York Daily News report claims Demi Moore was spotted enjoying a vacation in Mexico with beau Sean Friday, a 27-year-old drummer.

The report reads: "Demi arrived in Tulum on Dec. 27 with her daughter Rumer and a group of friends, including (Rumer's boyfriend) Jayson Blair, Eric Buterbaugh, and Sean Friday. They stayed at Hotel Be Tulum in jungle suits, individual rooms on the beach with private pools in the sand. Each day, Demi hung out in the group and spent the day on the beach. She was with Sean from the beginning of the trip acting very affectionate and making it very obvious they are a couple."

An anonymous witness revealed that the 51-year-old actress looked happy and comfortable with Sean. "The first day she went and got them towels and they laid down together on the beach bed and cuddled all day long," recounted the witness.

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