‘Middle Earth’ Shadow of Mordor - New Trailer Shows Gameplay Features


A new trailer of "Middle Earth" Shadow of Mordor gives viewers a glimpse of some of the gameplay features. The video focuses on the weapons wielded by the protagonist Talion and their upgrades.

"Middle Earth" Shadow of Mordor follows the story of Talion, a ranger who is brought back to life and seeks to get revenge on his enemy - Sauron. In the story of the game Talion's family is killed by Sauron and a spirit resurrects him from death and also gives him powers.

The weapons wielded by Talion can be upgraded using runes in the game. The most important runes can be picked up by killing the chieftains of Sauron's army. The task may be a little difficult, as viewers will see in the video, but the effort will be worth it to acquire the rune.

A chief in Sauron's army is surrounded by body guards, making it difficult to get to him. After killing of the chief an epic rune will be revealed that can be picked up by the player for some increased fire power against the enemy.

There are essentially two skill sets for a player in "Middle Earth" Shadow of Mordor, the first is that of a ranger, which includes fighting skills and the second is the Wraith Skills, which include reading the mind of a target or turning a target into a minion.

Turning a target into a minion gives the player the option to call upon the minion to fight for the player at a crucial time. This can come in handy when facing multiple adversaries in a particular battle.

Reading a target's mind will reveal the connection of the target with other enemies in the game. The ability will also lead to better understanding the hierarchy among the Orcs and may also lead to the player discovering new secrets and clues that will be important during the game.

"Middle Earth" Shadow of Mordor has an interesting gameplay feature where the player can expect some of the characters in the game to come back after levelling up to hunt the player. Each encounter in the game is recorded and the character which has the closest relation with the player may come back as a big enemy, giving the player a much more interactive environment and a more personalised gameplay experience.

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