Microvideo App Platform from RealBiz Allows Realtors to Reach More Buyers for as Low as $10/Month

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While regular employment in a corporate environment has its perks such as social security, fixed regular income and medical coverage - being a freelancer - also has its advantages.

Freelancers are their own bosses, have limitless possibilities when growing their business, offer future rewards as a result of excellent client service, enjoy no time constraints and can develop the business as a future retirement asset, according to real estate industry experts.

However, it is also a reality that setting up your own business such as a real estate brokerage carries some ancillary costs.

To help new as well as established real estate agents lower the cost of their start-up business, RealBiz Media Group, Inc. (OTC: RBIZ) offers a proprietary video processing technology that provides home video tours to the real estate industry. 

RealBiz does it through its wholly owned HomeTourNetwork operation in which the company provides a Television video-on-demand network, a growing MicroVideo App network and an existing Virtual Tour network. 

Upon completion of the digital video network, RealBiz  will offer access to the largest real estate companies in the US featuring numerous approved vendors and national contracts with a client base of more than 60,000 real estate agents and brokers and target distribution to over 70 million households.

In a video message, Bill Kerby, chairman and CEO of RealBiz, said that the platform, which helps technology-starved agents, could reach more buyers for as low as $10 a month.

He explained that it is "a platform that allows the agent to go out and customize and create home solutions, home events, what's happening in their neighborhoods, home listings that they can target to individual, to consumers, through emails, to social media platforms like Facebook."

Kerby added, "What they can then do is follow-up with the leads that they have sent out and determine who is an interested follower and who is not, thus generating business back to them."

With the platform, Kerby says, consumers spend an average of 11 minutes on RealBiz'smicrovideo apps versus three minutes only on national real estate websites. 

The videos compliment one of the key steps in purchasing or leasing a property, which is viewing it. While neither the glossiest sales brochure nor the glowing review of a listed property could substitute for a personal visit to a detached house-and-lot, condo unit or office space to convince the buyer that the purchase is worth his money, in some cases, trips to project sites or finished units are not possible or can be too difficult and costly.

These include situations where the property on sale or the potential buyer are too far apart and the buyer would need to take a plane or even secure a visa to see the place.

While a personal tour would ultimately be needed before a buyer pays for a property, during the house shopping stage, the video technology that a growing number of real estate companies have adapted to has proven useful in cutting the immediate need to physically view the prospective property.

Over the last 45 days, RealBiz has seen steady growth after it rolled out its latest Nestbuild Agent and MVA video platforms.

Among the key indicators of the growth are 15,350 active agents using MVA and Nestbuilder Agent, 24,000 videos published everyday in support of agents' products for its Video Based Marketing Platforms.

For its Virtual Tour Based Platforms, there are now 24,637 active agents using RealBiz Virtual Tour products and 113,092 total active published listings.

Meanwhile, for its Nestbuilder.com consumer site, there are roughly 1.6 million videos hosted, 6:53 minutes average visit time spent on site, 4.8 pages per visit, 51 percent return visitors, a 195 percent growth in page views over the last month and a jump of over 100,000 positions to 128,061 in Alexa ranking.

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