Microsoft Windows’ “Cortana” And Apple’s “Siri”: Personal Digital Assistants To Go Head To Head On Desktop Computers

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A file photo of Microsoft's logo as a backdrop in a Microsoft presentation Reuters

While everyone is waiting for the latest operating systems from the tech giants to be released, reports claim that Microsoft is planning to incorporate its personal assistant technology into the next version of Windows and Apple. On the other hand, it is rumoured to be integrating its digital assistant as well on the new Mac computers based on the new patent granted for Mac.

Apple Insider discovered a new patent for Mac desktop that includes "Siri" details on it. Apple will be integrating voice-controlled intelligent assistant that can perform dictation, high level system commands and it can even act as a "third hand" for Mac users. The Mac version use contextual clues to figure out what the user is asking for. Mac users can command using keyboard or mouse gestures and possible a voice command as well.The virtual assistant can act as a "third hand" or it will be able to help complete a task when it is asked. Looking at the patent, it seem like the virtual assistant can be commanded to do something and it will work on it on the background while the user is doing something else that will be helpful in multitasking.

ZDNET reports that "Cortana" is likely to be incorporated in the new Windows "Threshold". "Cortana" is Microsoft's answer to "Siri" and "Google Now". It came from the company's Halo game franchise character who can learn and adapt to assist "Master Chief". It relies heavily on Bing. ZDNET suggests that Microsoft has been working on making Personal Digital Assistant available on Windows since 2011 and  said that it has worked on a combination of Bing, Tellme Speech Technology and natural-language-plus-social graph concoction.

According to ZDNET, Cortana will be like the ones seen on Windows 8.1 and is expected to get better on the new and upcoming OS. On the same report, referring to Microsoft's vision of "One Windows" having Cortana available across every platform, Cortana is expected to be on Windows Phone, Windows and Xbox operating systems in the future. Microsoft is expected to release the technical preview for developers and tech enthusiasts on Sept 30. Shortly after the release of the tech preview, Windows Threshold is expected to be released to the public.

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