Microsoft Windows 9, Office ‘Gemini’ Version Leaks Roundup: Release Date, Features, Additional Information

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In the recent past, a leaked image surfaced giving out the most-awaited information on the upcoming and the future Windows versions. That included, a mobile Windows Phone 9 version, and a cloud-based operating system dubbed as Windows 365. In addition to these Windows versions, the leak also confirmed the existence of Office 2013, Windows 8.1 (Update 2) and Office 2015.

But as of yesterday, a newly leaked image was spotted by Myce (via FaiKee, a credible tipster from China) that gave out further information on the upcoming Microsoft Windows and Office products. The fresh leak talks about Office Gemini, Windows 9, Windows 365, Windows Phone 9, and Office 365. Several features and release dates were also revealed.

According to the information, the Windows 9 (codenamed 'Threshold') will see the light of the day only by next year. In addition, the touch-first Office productivity suite called as Office 'Gemini' version will be launched by late summer of this year. The leaked images of the Office Gemini productivity suite consist of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. On the other hand, the Office 2015 version will be released as a Technical Preview and Consumer Preview 1 version. Interested readers can check out the leaked images of Office Gemini version of productivity suites from Myce.

In general, the launch dates of Windows 9, Windows Phone 9 and Windows 365 preview are set for Q2 or Q3 of 2015. Also, the following services will go through several updates from Microsoft: One Drive, Cloud services, Metro UI, Windows Defender, Windows Activation, Cortana, and One User Experience.

In order to check out the leaked 'uncensored document' head to Myce.

The stand-out product among the umpteen Windows and the Office products got to be the cloud- based Windows 365. This version of Windows is rumored to come as a 'subscription version'. Additionally, it is being speculated that the Windows 9 will also follow a subscription-based model. As Business Insider puts it, the 'core operating system' could come as free software; but in order to get the 'advanced features' users might have to pay for the service.

Also, the distinctive attribute about Windows 9 OS is its flexibility. Users will be able to run "Modern UI" apps from the Windows Store in desktop mode. The other good news for the traditional Windows lovers is that, Microsoft could bring the 'Start' menu back to the Windows 9 OS.

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