Microsoft Windows 9 May Try New Distribution Method

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Windows users are looking forward to the next OS from Microsoft.  

According to Mark Hachman, a PCWorld blogger, Microsoft might be launching Windows 9 this fall. The release may also mark a significant change in the distribution method.

Under the new distribution plan, the OS may be keyed to the user's PC and an activation key will be sold or distributed to the individual user.

A massive advertising campaign may precede the launch. He quoted some leaks from Russian sources like Wzor to support his argument.

Microsoft, on its part, has not officially disclosed its future plans regarding Windows. The recent release of Windows 8.1 Update 1 had led to speculations that a second, minor update may happen this fall. It is still not clear whether Threshold will be a third update or a full-fledged Windows 9  release.

Making More Palatable

One of the main goals in the design and development of Threshold is making it more palatable to Windows 7 users. Many of the new features in Windows 9 will be to entice desktop users who will not be using touch inputs.


The hype around Threshold OS is that it will work differently depending on the hardware it is running on. Users running desktop or laptop will have Windows Desktop geared to Win32 and legacy apps at the forefront. Those using two-in-one devices like Microsoft Surface Pro will have a version supporting the switching between the Windows and Metro-style mode on tablets depending on the keyboard connected.

Market Share

If one goes through the stats at NetMarketShare, the combined market share of Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 is 12.54 percent. Although it is higher than Apple's Mac OS share, it is just half of the 25.31 percent held by Windows XP or 50.55 percent share of Windows 7.

Analyst Wes Miller said if Windows 9 can release return the Start menu and add windowing for modern apps it will be a win-win for Windows 7 users and Windows systems. A version of Threshold for tablets and smartphones is also expected. 

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