Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update Requirements And What to Expect

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update 1 set for release on April 8 came in early on March 6.

The software giant apparently wants to share it earlier. As it is unlikely, it must have passed through an unlocked door in Redmond that it got out a month in advance.

Where to Download And Update Requirements

Some users could have a copy of the update. But Windows quickly removed access to its servers through the downloads. Copying the links is through Redmond's own servers or via Windows update. Updates can also be done via links or change in the registry. But official release is advised which will be through the normal Windows update or shipped to the customers in April.

But it is not something to be bothered about as Microsoft will facilitate the updates for its users and ensure it will be easy. Take note to only download the ones that you need and do not try to mix and match. Forum posters warn that it's vital to install the updates in order or the process will likely fail.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 system requirements are 1 GB RAM and 16 GB space in hard drive to give room for the lower-end processes to use the operating system.

What to Expect

Most updates are aimed to settle traditional users. Updates include display features with several options like those for the desktop taskbar to show Windows 8 apps; ability to place the desktop taskbar over Windows 8-style apps and having a new title bar above Windows 8 apps with choices to close, snap and minimize apps.

The start screen has an added shutdown button for those which are non-touch plus a new search button across machines. The updated operating system will improve the disk space that it will use. The full update weighs 761.2 MB.

Although Windows 8.1 update has been leaked, the software might be fresh from the developers' department. Albeit some "hackers" may have successfully downloaded and done their updating, it is still safe to wait for the scheduled date on April 8, and that is after Microsoft's Build Developer Conference early next month.

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