Microsoft Wants Xbox Live To Fuel Android and iOS Games

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Xbox Live is mainly used in Windows Phone or Windows games and Microsoft's consoles for friend lists, game matchmaking and achievements. The app is among the most robust and a well-developed social gaming area.  Microsoft made tests with Android and iOS success, and it plans to push the Xbox Live big time. Sources who are aware of this shared to The Verge that Microsoft is developing a platform to expand the functionality of Xbox Live to Android and iOS games. Some plan details were disclosed in a recent job posting by Microsoft.

Winning back game developers

In the job listing, the company is planning to create a contemporary open-source, expandable, scalable, lightweight framework across different platforms such as Windows Phones, Windows Store, Android and iOS. Microsoft wants its game developers back from its rivals to make Xbox Live easier to integrate into games and apps. Currently, Xbox Live requires permission and certification from Microsoft but the company wants it to have few restrictions in the future as well as better tools for developers to be able to integrate working manner into titles.

Vision for Xbox Live

The plans Microsoft has for Xbox are part of a larger one to use Xbox to revive mobile social gaming is now hindered by locked-in and proprietary platform such as the Game Center. Integration of Xbox Live on mobile for instance, requires an intensive Microsoft conversation. To ease that process, there should be no playing favorites with any mobile OS, so Xbox Live can become a desirable option for current social games.

The key is to insist on open source. Microsoft wants to create a method for developers, especially the profitable mobile gaming, to easily add the functionality of the Xbox Live onto new apps.

Microsoft's vision is to let developers bring their games to Xbox Live whether they are running on iOS, Android or Windows. Microsoft is now hiring developers to build the innovative platform, thus, the job listing.

Meanwhile, Google has its own Google Play Games service already while Apple is making use of the Game Center for the same purpose. Microsoft is positioning Xbox Live as another option for players to use in order to find friends, earn achievements and perhaps do some gaming in cross-platform. 

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