Microsoft Surface vs Dell XPS 12: Price War

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American PC maker Dell is gearing up for a price war with the newly released Microsoft Surface by placing on its Web site the XPS 10, its 10.1-inch Windows RT table, as available for pre-order.

Besides being available for pre-order, Dell also provided a complete spec list and the price tag for the XPS 12. The basic 32GB model with Wi-Fi is $499, the same price as Microsoft's Windows RT Surface tablet.

The 64GB version costs $599. The cost goes up to $679 for the 32GB and $779 for the 64GB if a keyboard dock would be included. According to the Dell Web site, shipment date is Dec 11.

Below is a comparison of the specs of the two devices:


Dell XPS 12

Microsoft Surfae

Operating System

Windows 8

Windows 8


Intel Core i5

Intel Core i5


4GB, upgradable to 8G

4GB on board RAM

Hard Drive




12.5" screen size

10.6" ClearType display


1920x1080 resolution

1920x1080 resolution, 10 point multi-touch


Intel HD Graphics 4000

Intel HD Graphics 4000

Size and Weight

12.5x8.5x0.6-0.8", 3.4 lb

10.81x6.81x0.53", 2 lb

Like any other devices, the two have their pros and cons listed below:

Dell XPS 12


  • Stylish design with bright and crisp full HD display.
  • Easy to switch from notebook to tablet mode.
  • Fast SSD


  • Below average battery life.
  • No SD card slot for storage expansion.
  • Feels a bit heavy for a tablet.

Microsoft Surface


  • Built-in keyboard within the cover makes it neat.
  • Two versions available
  • Balanced features for gaming and entertainment


  • No cellular connectivity for two versions
  • Small screen
  • Storage limited with 128GB on board of the highest available version.

Reports said there are back orders for the Windows Surface which indicates strong demand; however, Microsoft has not provided data on how many units of Surface has been produced.

"The fact it's back ordered is indicative that there's consumer interest. How Microsoft introduces it, evangelises it and explaints it will determine long-term success," The Times of India quoted Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg.

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