Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablets (Powered By Intel Core i7 Processor) Experiencing Major Overheating Issues Even When Idle

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Microsoft started shipping its Surface Pro 3 tablet in the U.S. However, many owners of the Surface Pro 3 tablet powered by Intel i7 processor have complained about overheating issues. It is worth noting that, not all the variants of the Surface Pro 3 tablet have this problem. In specific, the company provides 3 different options - Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor choices. This problem pertains specifically to the Intel i7 powered Surface Pro 3 tablets.

The impact is very high that a support/forum thread is dedicated solely to this overheating issue in Microsoft's Answers message board. Apparently, a Surface user named Jarem stated that he is using fourth Surface Pro 3 tablet powered by Intel i7, after getting them as a replacement one-after-the-other in exchange for the defective device. However, the same problem persists even with the fourth replacement. According to this user, he is experiencing overly loud fan, perpetual overheating even when the tablet is idle and also when performing not-so-heavy tasks like web browsing, according to WP Central.

In addition, several Surface tablets have shut down automatically showing the high-temperature icon to the user. Meaning, the tablet will not work until the excessive heat subsides. Adding to the existing woes of Microsoft, another user named Darrell Garrison experienced a similar overheating problem with Surface Pro 3 powered by Intel i7. Upon getting a replacement unit from Microsoft, he ran a YouTube video to test the device. Again, the overheating problem popped up in the new device.

Nevertheless, one other user named Brad Groux purchased four Surface Pro 3 tablets with Intel i7 processor and 512 GB storage from Microsoft Store. According to him, one out of the four tablets worked well, while the other three faced overheating issues. Going by WPCentral's views, it is safe to assume that not everyone is facing the problem with Intel i7 powered Surface Pro 3.

There is also a good possibility that the overheating problem might be exclusive to a particular batch of shipped Surface tablet. Furthermore, Phone Arena is quick to point out that, the Surface Pro 3 tablets pertaining to lots 1428 and 1429 are likely the ones to have this problem. Surface Pro 3 owners can check the printed lot on the back of the device, over the serial number. This information is derived from the user conversations surrounding the Microsoft Community forums specific to this device.

Do you own an Intel Core i7 powered Surface Pro 3? If so, did you face overheating issues? Feel free to leave a comment.

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