Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet: Five Great Features on Smart Gadget [Watch YouTube Clip]

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Microsoft just unveiled their latest Surface Pro 3 tablet at an event in New York City. As the company tries to crack the tablet market for the third time, the company boldly declared its readiness to take away the conflict between laptops and tablets with the catch-all smart gadget.

Here are five great features of Surface Pro 3 tablet that one will expect as the gadget hits the market.


According to an article from Mashable, Surface Pro 3 tablet the ultra- thin tablet can be set at any angle with the new adjustable, multi-position kickstand. The screen can also be tilted from the normal 22 degrees angle to 150 degrees with the use of better hinged and the SP3 keyboard can also be connected a bit differently to minimize tablet shakes upon typing. With this lapability feature of the smart gadget, users can comfortably perform their tasks on the tablet from their lap.

Large Display

The Microsoft press release mentioned that Surface Pro 3 tablet comes with a 12 inch diagonal screen and 2160 x 440 parts per inches display. It also has a 3:2 sharp and high contrast ratio which is by far the highest ratio in the industry. Unlike other tablets which mostly have only up to 10 inches screen size, Surface Pro 3's large display makes it possible for users to clearly and sharply view the images, data and other information displayed on the screen while at the same time having greater peace of mind that they will have lesser strain on their eyes.

 Powerful Performance

 Forbes mentioned that the Surface Pro 3 tablet has an Intel Core i3 processor with 4 GB RAM for the low end model. The high end model has Intel Core i7 processor with 512 GB RAM. The tablet's battery can lasts up to nine hours of web browsing time. The tablet runs on Windows 8.1 Pro and has the Microsoft Office essentials installed in it. It also has side by side windows just like a laptop. Given these specifications, users can choose which units they would like to have based on their needs. They will be able to use the smart gadget all day long without the need to recharge. With the powerful performance that the tablet is capable of, users can accomplish different tasks in a fast and convenient way.

Pen Enabled

Mashable stated that Surface Pro 3 is bundled with a Surface pen that weighs and works just like a pen allowing the smart gadget to power on the OneNote app, take down notes, and send it to the cloud via OneDrive. Any notes stored in the OneDrive can be shared immediately across all devices that are cloud-connected. This sensible and smart pair allows the users to conveniently scribble down any notes they want to document just like a natural writing experience. They can also and quickly easily share their data to others using full-size USB 3.0 port, Mini DisplayPort, or microSD card reader.

Laptop Replacement

During the product launching, Microsoft boosts that Surface Pro 3 has all the mobility, performance, and power of a laptop in a flexible, ultra-thin, and ultra-light form. It even has the price tag of a laptop as the company's offering starts from $799 for the 4 GB low-end units which could be as high as $1,949 for the 512 GB high-end units. With the multiple processor and RAM storage options, users can easily turn the tablet into a full-functioning laptop and back. Hence, there is no need any more for users to buy a separate tablet and laptop for this Surface Pro 3 can already functions as both.  

Watch the demo of Surface Pro 3 Tablet from YouTube.

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