Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Release Date Soon, Possible Launch Alongside Surface Mini at May 20 Event

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The much anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date will likely be alongside the launch of the Microsoft Surface Mini at a press event in New York City on May 20.

Microsoft recently posted on its Web site's support page something that references the "Surface Pro 3 camera." Considering it was a typographical error and Microsoft meant to mention Surface Pro 2, it still trails the news from CNET claiming that there is "definitely a new Intel-based Surface" apart from the Qualcomm-powered Mini.

"From what I can assess so far I think it's going to [have] a new power-optimized Haswell variant," a chip industry source told CNET.

If the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date will launch at the press event in NYC next week, the Intel-based tablet will come less than a year following its predecessor's launch. Thus far, the Microsoft Surface Pro release date windows still need to establish a steady launch trend. Microsoft has not officially commented on the purported Microsoft Surface Pro 3 release date, but rumours unanimously agree that Surface Pro and Mini tablets will launch at the NYC press event.  

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is rumoured to be a refreshed tablet with expected similarities yet slimmed down design from the already lightweight Microsoft Surface Pro 2 that weighs 2 pounds.

In the past, Surface Pro tablets were exclusively powered by Intel processors and Surface Pro 3 will be no exception. Moreover, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will likely get upgraded to the "Skylake" Intel Core i7 chip, which comes with the promise of a speedier device. Rumours suggest that the Surface Pro 3 will sport an impressive LED backlit Retina IPS display at 290ppi.

In the event that the Microsoft Pro 3 and the Surface Mini launch this month, it will buy Microsoft time to stay ahead of Apple's anticipated iPad Air and iPad Mini 3 release date this fall, which is important especially that recent rumours suggest that iOS 8 will sport the split-screen multitasking in the next models of upcoming iPads. Split-screen multitasking has been the competitive advantage of Microsoft tablets over the Apple iPads and it is pretty clear that Microsoft is prepping to launch tablets that will rival the Apple tablets. 

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