Microsoft Surface Pro 3: A Hybrid to Entice Both Tablet and Laptop Users

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a poster child in the hybrid segment. In devices, iPad Air is distinctly a tablet and Yoga 2 Pro and MacBook Air are always laptops. But Surface Pro 3, with its blend of features as in kickstand and stylus, may bridge the gap between the two market extremes.

Surface Pro 3 Design

Surface Pro 3 is an evolution over Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. It is a touchscreen tablet featuring sharp lines, wrapped in magnesium alloy case and provided with a detachable keyboard. Panos Panay, Microsoft VP, claimed it as the quietest Surface device where the user will not see, hear or feel its fan as custom-designed blades are used.

Laptop Killer

Microsoft strives to position Surface Pro 3 as a full scale laptop killer. At 12 inches, it has the largest display on any Surface tablet and crams in more pixels than ever. The pixel resolution is 2160 x 1440 and outshines the 1080p panels on Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Microsoft claims it providing 6 percent more content than those with 13-inch displays.

Microsoft noted the display is optically bonded with the highest contrast ratios. That is why Surface Pro 3 will be pal for outdoor readability. Weighing 800 grams, Surface Pro 3 is light compared to similar laptops. But it is not quite light as other tablets in the market such as Apple's iPad Air (1lb) or Sony's Xperia Tablet Z. It is slightly heavier than the 12-inch Galaxy Note Pro.

Microsoft's Surface tablets stand out for multiple position kickstands. Sporting a "friction hinge," it can recline to any position up to 150 degrees in a canvas mode.

For the People

Panay asserted Surface Pro 3 is made for people and not for businesses. But there are leading business houses as its early adopters who include BMW and Coca-Cola.

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