Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Everything We Know So Far (Rumors And Expectations)

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Although Apple's iPad is ruling the roost, iPad is mainly for the entertainment and does not offer much in terms of productivity. The thought of working on an excel sheet or to make a data flow diagram using the iPad never crosses the mind.

But when Surface Pro 2 was released, it was greeted with positive reviews for the ability to showcase the best of both worlds and that in turn added the popularity and demand for this tablet. With extra tweaks and enhanced features, Microsoft's next tablet Surface Pro 3 might become the most wanted tablet that can be productive as well. The target audience could very well be the professional users who are looking for regular tablets that can double as a substitute for laptops.

General Specification

Surface Pro 3 is expected to run on Microsoft's latest Windows 8.1 Operating System. The major advantage is the tablet's support to all software applications that users might be using on their laptop/desktop computers. This tablet will support both desktop and the touch friendly metro screen mode.

Design Aspects

The striking aspect of Surface tablets (in general) is the very fact that they can be considered as a replacement for laptop computers. Surface Pro 2 weighed only 2 lbs. According to CultureMob, the Surface Pro 3 is not expected to come with major differences in this regard, but the display could be 10.6 inches. While the Surface Pro 2 comes with a full HD resolution, the Surface Pro 3 has been rumored to sport a 4K display.

Processor & Speed

One of the big selling points of the Surface Pro 2 has been the processor power. The Surface pro 2 is powered by a fourth-generation Intel Core i5 processor, which belts out enough power to run the operating system and handle multitasking requirements. In addition, the Surface Pro 2 comes with a TPM chip for enhanced security. If rumors were true, Microsoft could pack a Intel Core i7 Processor with the rumored Surface Pro 3.

Storage & RAM Variants

The Surface Pro 2 comes with two variants that include a 4 GB and an 8 GB of RAM. It is expected to be upgraded to 8 GB and 16 GB with the Pro 3. Also the Surface Pro 2 has a maximum internal storage space of 512 GB. However, there are three other models for the price conscious users - 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. This aspect can be expected to continue in the Surface Pro 3 as well. In addition, Microsoft's SkyDrive can be used to store files/data; which is a free cloud storage that comes with the user's Microsoft account. Pro tablets provide microSDXC card support.


There are a total of two 720p cameras on the Surface Pro 2 which is expected to be upgraded with their up-coming Pro 3.


While the Surface Pro 2 can be purchased at $899 (base model), the Surface Pro 3 is expected to cost slightly higher.

Release Date

This tablet is expected to be launched before the end of 2014.

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