Microsoft Smartband With Fuelband-Like Design Launching in October


Smartwatches are currently popular. Companies, like Google, have officially launched two of their smartwatches at the Google I/O releasing Android Wear SDK to developers.

Rumors claimed Microsoft will also be introducing its smartwatches line along with other players in the market. Forbes magazine reported Microsoft is developing a cross-platform smartwatch capable of continuously tracking heart rate and syncing the data to the device.

Tom's Hardware confirmed the rumor that it will be cross-platform compatible and will be running smoothly with Android, iOS and Windows Phone handsets.

Tom's Hardware also reported the display is inside the wrist rather than the traditional outer wrist placement, giving it a natural feel while turning the palm up to look at the watch. It would also enable users to guard their sensitive information and notifications from other people.

With regard to the structure of the smartwatch, it avoids the bulky look commonly found in most of the current smartwatches like Gear, G Watch and Toq. In comparison, Microsoft features a slim band design resembling thinner and flatter version of the Nike Fuelband.  

The details of the smartwatch hardware Microsoft are limited, although Tom's Hardware cited there are 11 sensors under the hood, including a mix of chips along with some from TI and Atmel.

As mentioned earlier, the device will be cross-platform compatible and there would also be open APIs and the interface is pretty "slick."

Previous reports suggested Microsoft would launch its new category device in summer. Tom's Hardware said the release for the device is apparently set for October, which is a bit later.  

There is still confusion regarding the details reported as when Microsoft was contacted for verification of these new details by Tom's Hardware.

A Microsoft spokesman said "the company does not comment on rumors or speculation." The company actually didn't comment on any of smartwatch rumors available.  

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