Microsoft to Reveal ‘Windows 9’ this Fall, Relationship with Android is Complicated

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A shadow of a man using his mobile phone is cast near Microsoft logo at the 2014 Computex exhibition in Taipei June 4, 2014. Computex, the world's second largest computer show, runs from June 3 to 7.

Microsoft will be launching the Windows 9 platform this fall supported by a new advertising campaign according to new leaks. According to recent reports, Microsoft plans on using a new distribution method that will be integrated to the Microsoft Store and the user's computer. This will replace the standard activation key given to users previously following purchase. More importantly, where as mobile operating systems platforms like Android have been dominating the market, Microsoft says that it has a complicated relationship with the platform. 

According to the leak by Russian blogger Wzor, Microsoft will be trying out a new system to promote and sell its upcoming Windows 9. Wzor previously made headlines when the tipster reportedly obtained leaked information from a previous employee of the company, Alex Kibkalo. The tipster has now resurfaced posting new content on bulletin boards in Russia. The latest of which, pertains to a new activation system that will come with Microsoft's Windows 9. 

Microsoft has remained tight lipped about the company's plans with its Windows platform. According to some analysts, Microsoft may release a second minor update later this year after the Windows 8.1 firmware. It is still unclear if the company will just provide a minor update or a full blown one but Windows 9 have made the talks recently. 

According to ZDNET, Google and Microsoft will be head to head for future computing needs and services. The two companies made it clear that they want their flagship operating system trickling to majority of devices while also allowing developers to create apps that can be accessed across a number of platforms like smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Google has also discussed about its Google Android Everywhere endeavor. According to a forecast by Gartner, Android is poised for the future as there are over 1 billion Android devices predicted to be sold this year. The forecast placed Windows to run in 360 million devices like the OS X or the iOS on 344 million units.

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