Microsoft Reports Better Sales of Cheaper Kinect-less Xbox One Variant

A file photo showing Microsoft logo

Microsoft's move to reduce prices of the Xbox One has already started to reap rich dividends. The Redmond based company had launched the Xbox One last November with a starting price of $499. What followed next is a Kinect-less version of the same priced at $399 that seems to have piqued consumer interest in the next gen console.  

"Our momentum has really improved in the past weeks and months and we're obviously really happy about that. And by momentum I mean sales", said Harvey Eagle, Xbox Marketing Director in a talk that was attended by TrustedReviews.

The Web site further revealed that keeping the Kinect out of the picture also led to the latest Microsoft console to perform better. As per TrustedReviews, developers have additional 10 per cent GPU to make good use of.

Kinect is not considered an absolute necessary by many and buyers are all too happy to pick up an Xbox One sans the Kinect.

Sony's PS4 has enjoyed a lead over the Microsoft console ever since the next gen consoles were launched in Nov 2013. That has much to do with the $100 premium that the Xbox One commanded over its Sony counterpart. With that removed and with interest around the Xbox One already reported to have shown an increase, things might well turn around in the coming months, as has been speculated in Ubergizmo.

That said, Microsoft still has a lot of ground to cover with the PS 4 having notched up sales in excess of 9 million, as revealed by Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison in an Edge Magazine interview. In comparison, Microsoft managed to push 5 million of its Xbox One consoles, revealed Phil.

Reasons put forward to explain better performance of the PlayStation 4 include a better marketing strategy adopted by Sony. The Japanese conglomerate spent more on advertising to promote the PS 4. They also made it a point to unleash the PS 4 in more markets worldwide while also being more active in the social channels, all of which ensured greater exposure. Then of course there is the initial price tag which at $100 less than the Xbox One also played its part. 

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