Microsoft Office Version for ‘Android OS’ to Debut Prior to ‘Windows 8’ Version; Windows 8.1 Market Share Up

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In March, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella introduced the Office Suite of Products for Apple iPad in an event in San Francisco. This version of Office Suite comes with Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft is going to introduce its touch-friendly version of Office Suite of Products for 'Android' shortly. In addition, the expected release date of touch-friendly version of Office Suite for 'Windows 8' is slated for spring 2015. Also it is worth noting that, according to earlier reports, Office version for Windows 8 was speculated to be launched during the fall of 2014.

It is apparent now that Windows 8 users may have to wait until 2015 to get their hands on to Microsoft's Office Suite.

Moreover, when CEO Satya Nadella was asked about the reason to bring Office Suite of Products to iPad before it launched the Windows version; he quoted 'market share' as the main reason behind this move.

Hence it is quite understandable that, why Microsoft would bring the Android version of Office Suite of Products first, prior to the Windows version, says ZDNet.

According to BGR, in WWDC 2014 event, Apple CEO Tim Cook showcased a comparison of OS market share to the audience. He said that the installation percentage of Apple's Mavericks stood at 50 percent plus OS X computers, while the Windows 8 was less than 15%.

However, the Net Market Share Web site says the latest Windows 8.1 has gained relatively better market share when compared to Windows 8. Windows 8 lost 0.07% of the market share, whereas the Windows 8.1 stood at 0.47%.

Interestingly, Microsoft's older version 'Windows 7' is still making waves. This OS version boasts a growth rate faster than both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 together. Thus, it provides an extra 0.79% of the market share for Microsoft.

In addition, Windows XP's market share has started dropping at a steady rate from the time Microsoft ended the support for this OS. Nevertheless, it continues to hold over one fourth of the market share.

As BGR points out, Apple scores very well in providing timely software updates for its customers when compared to Microsoft.

What do you think of Microsoft's preference to go with Android version of Office Suite first, instead of Windows? Is Microsoft on the right path? Feel free to leave a comment.

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