Microsoft on Nokia Takeover: First Promo Video Shows Colorful Radical Image [Watch YouTube Video]

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The computer software company Microsoft has released its first promo video on Nokia devices following the complete takeover of the legendary Finnish mobile phone company.

The $US7.52 billion deal was officially completed after eight long months of acquisition process. As stated in a press release dated April 25, 2014, Microsoft will be the new owner of all devices, services, and license to patents on Nokia businesses.

With the disappearance of Nokia on future smartphone releases, Microsoft released its first promo video on Nokia devices in a radical image entitled "Not Like Everybody Else". The video depicts gentleman clad in colorful outfit with a Nokia Lumia 930 phone and matching headset walking along the street in a black and white setting.

 All other people who saw him turned their heads, dropped their jaws, or reached out their hand to show their awe and eagerness to grab the same mobile phone brand. There is just one lady in colorful attire as well who smiled in agreement at the passing pedestrian for she was already using Microsoft tablet.

In a news report from Drum, European head of digital marketing and advocacy at Nokia Mr. Thomas Messett said that the videos were aimed at making the Nokia brand become a top brand in mind and at the same time featuring the intentions behind the Nokia brand.

Mr. Messett stated: "[The videos were created] partly to assure our consumers and our fans that while things are obviously changing we are still the same people who stood for these things for many years... and partly to get across our message that what we stand for is now combined as an organization."

The promo video is part of Microsoft's campaign on "Everything Just Became A Lot #MoreColourful". More promo videos with this theme will be released in the coming months to signify the colorful and radical image of the Nokia X devices.

Watch the video on Youtube.

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