Microsoft Launches Next-Gen Surface Tablets on Sept 23; Increases Voucher Worth to $350 in iPad Trade-in Deal

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Microsoft is launching on Monday, Sept 23, the next-generation Surface tablet in New York City. The event is by invitation only, reports CNET.

The Web site said leaks the past few days about the specs of the next-gen Surface tablets indicate they were correct, that it would still have the same 10.6-inch screen and VaporMg casing.

It would likewise have the same number of USB ports and would only support Wi-Fi, not LTE. The Surface 2 will be an ARM-based tablet whose battery is expected to last eight hours and run on an Intel Core i5-based Haswell processor.

The device includes a docking station expected to work with Surface Prop and Surface Pro 2 models only with one USB 3 and three USB 2 ports.


Also for unboxing on Monday is the Surface Power Cover that has a built-in battery that would extend the battery life, although the amount of extension is unknown yet.

CNET cited its sources that the next-gen Surface 2 would be priced at $500 for the 32GB model and $600 for the 64GB model. The Surface Pro would be $800 for the 32GB, $900 for 64GB, $1,000 for 128GB, $1,300 for 256GB and $1,700 for 512GB.

Ahead of the Surface tablets launch, Terry Myerson, Microsoft executive vice president in charge of the company's operating systems, said that customers could expect many more Windows RT tablets in the future, specifically using ARM chips.

To further provide more shelf room for the next-gen Surface tablets in outlets, Microsoft upped its iPad trade-in offer for a Surface tablet by increasing the voucher value to $350 from $200.

However, with the higher offer are more conditions.

The first offer of $200 voucher only requires the owner of a "gently used" iPad 2, 3 or 4S to bring the Apple table to a Microsoft store and redeem the voucher via a partnership with CExchange.

Now, there are four steps which are determining the value of the old device, buying a new Microsoft gadget, shipping the old iPad to Clover and receiving a prepaid Visa card with the value of traded-in iPad in it.

PC Net estimated a standard Apple iPad4 32GB model in good physical condition would be a rebate of around $285, which is less than half of its brand new price of $599. But due to discounted Surface RT tablet prices, only $68 would be needed since the Surface RT with a 32GB slate now retails at only $350.

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