Microsoft to Introduce Folder Support to Windows Phone 8.1

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Microsoft is reportedly contemplating introduction of folder support to Windows Phone 8.1, according to The Verge. This will bring the Windows OS at par with Android and iOS both of which allow users to organize apps in folders.

The above revelation was first spotted in an article that appeared, albeit briefly in the Windows Phone site. Microsoft has been quick to remove the article, which means the company is still privy to the issue and would rather not have us draw any conclusions on the subject.

However, what has come to the fore is that the new feature will allow users to drag the tiles onto another to create folders on the start screen. User will have the option to rename the folder which can have as many apps as they wish. This is the same approach as adopted on Android and iOS for creating folders. However, the leaked Microsoft document also revealed that the folder support won't be available until Windows Phone 8.1 Update is installed.

In another revelation, Microsoft is tipped to launch Windows Phone 8.1 by July first half, as per Ubergizmo. This was revealed in reply to a query posted in the official Microsoft India Twitter account. However, while this lets us have a fairly accurate launch window of the Microsoft Phone OS, what is not known is if the launch is specific to India, or for that matter the entire Asia-Pacific region or the entire world. The puts the launch schedule of the subsequent update to WP 8.1 even more in a limbo.

Meanwhile, WP 8.1 will be bringing along a handful of new feature, the most important of which will be the introduction of the Cortana personal assistant application. Cortana will be relevant to only the US for now though Microsoft has promised to expand its scope to other regions of the world soon enough.

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