Microsoft Eyes 3 New Surface Tablet Servings for 2013

  @ibtimesau on January 07 2013 12:18 PM

Three new Microsoft Surface tablets are reportedly set to be unveiled later this year, joining the first batch that the software giant had simultaneously launched with the Windows 8 in October 2012.

The fresh Microsoft devices will, of course, represent upgrades of the initial mobile hardware attempt from the company, which according to analysts had generally failed to achieve even the modest goals earlier outlined by Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer.

Citing reports from a source identified only as MS_Nerd, BGR News said that Microsoft plans to rollout three variants of the Surface slate beginning Q4 2013, all sporting three different screen sizes that purportedly will cater to specific target markets.

Most notable of the planned release is the 8.6-inch Surface RT 2, which will do away with the Nvidia Tegra chip that used with the first iteration. This new Surface RT is set to be deployed with Qualcomm chipset.

Already in the Microsoft hardware pipeline too is the Surface Book, a hulking tablet with a 14.6-inch screen display that will rely on Intel's 22-nanometer Haswell chip for its processing power.

The 2013 Microsoft Surface thrust will be completed by the 11.6-inch Surface Pro, which according to MS_Nerd will be powered by AMD's Temash APU.

Note that this Surface Pro is different from the 64-bit tablet PC with a Core i5 processor that Microsoft said will hit global markets early this year.

Now the question begs: Is it too soon for this new breed of Surface bricks? The move, actually, would redound to considerable benefits for Microsoft, according to Mashable, especially in the case of the Surface RT.

With its replacement already in the works, Microsoft can at least point to a logical reason for a possible price slash on the product, which Mashable said is the best strategy available for the tech giant to finally get the Surface sales figures moving in great numbers.

Assuming the Surface RT 2 is pushed out much earlier, consumers will definitely emerge as the winner. It is likely that Microsoft will be compelled to offer discounts that will put the Surface within the price levels of its competitors, Mashable said on its report.

Should that happen, Microsoft Surface is well-positioned to compete with the likes of Apple's iPad Mini and Google's Nexus 7, the tech site said, adding that more teeth will be afforded to Microsoft's mobile thrust if Windows 8 could attract more apps developers.

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