Microsoft Equips JavaScript with More Complex Applications

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Microsoft announced on Wednesday that Javascript was developed with complex applications and at the same time made available a new plugin for Visual Studio. The plugin, known as Typescript, will make Javascript more user friendly for newbies who want to create large-scale web applications.

The augmentation of advanced development capabilities are similar to those found in more mature programming languages such as C++ and Java. The new capabilities include static typing, classes and modularisation.

Anders Hejlsberg, Microsoft chief architect for the C# language, said the augmentation is in response to comments from users that writing application-scale JavaScript is too difficult. He said TypeScript should help in JavaScript code development by providing the basis for code prediction, superior debugging, refactoring and easier navigation with the use of large sets of program code.

He disclosed that it took Microsoft engineers more than two years to develop the functionality. Microsoft released the TypeScript specifications and open source compiler on the CodePlex repository.

Mr Hejlsberg pointed out that TypeScript is not an entirely new language, but a superset of JavaScript.

JavaScript is a programming language used to make webpages interactive. It runs on the visitor's computer and doesn't require constant downloads from the Web site. It is often used to create polls and quizzes.

However, JavaScript and Java are two completely different computer languages.

JavaScript supports all major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. It is also used outside web pages such as PDF Documents used by Adobe Reader and desktop widgets. It also supports page update without actually reloading it, animation elements like fade in and out or resizing, interactive contents for games, playing audio and video, and more.

For better understanding of what is gain from it use, here are the common pros and cons of JavaScript.

Advantages of JavaScript

  • It is processed on your computer instead of on the server such as a webpage. So it is loaded fast and causes less strain on the Internet bandwidth.
  • It is a relatively easy language to learn comprised of English-like codes.
  • It allows third-party applications which allow editing of certain features, displays and behaviour to make webpages more personalized.


  • The add-ons that can modify it may endanger certain systems and cause information to leak out. Users are reminded not play around with it if they keep important files in their computer.
  • The different layout modification could lead to inconsistency to the standard ones loaded normally on the webpage. Users must make sure they know the standards before modifying it on their own.
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