Microsoft Could Let Partners Access The Windows Threshold Builds

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The Windows 8 home screen is shown in this publicity photo
The Windows 8 home screen is shown in this publicity photo released to Reuters September 13, 2011. REUTERS/Microsoft/Handout Reuters

Sept. 30 is the date where Microsoft is expected to release a technology preview for developers and tech enthusiasts. Neowin reports that there has been a confirmation about a top list of Microsoft partners could already have access to download the technology preview of Windows Threshold. Although it has been confirmed that some of Microsoft's partners already got hold of these builds, Neowin notes that Microsoft placed some security features so that its partners will not be encouraged to disclose information about what is inside the early builds of Windows Threshold. This means that leaks cannot be expected to come from these partners.

A new report suggest the Windows Threshold could be named as Windows 9 and that it might be launched in April 2015. It is not surprising that Microsoft lets some of its partners get access to Windows Threshold builds since reports claims that Microsoft has always worked closely with its partners. This is because Microsoft and its partners have to keep on building new devices and apps around it.

Windows 9 could debut with features including Cortana, windowed Metro-style apps to float in the desktop, virtual desktops, the new version of Internet explorer, new flat design on the whole OS and a lot more on Sept 30. Reports also suggest the live folders that were previously used on tablets might also be included in windows 9. Cortana is reported look like the ones seen on Windows Phones and it is also reported to have its own live tile on the Start screen. The charms bar is no longer expected.

Latest reports claims that Microsoft China released a teaser on Windows Threshold showing the number 9. Most interpret that Windows Threshold could be named as Windows 9. There is alway a possibility for changes since Windows 9 is not yet officially announced by Microsoft. Everyone is still waiting for it to be officially announced and the expected date for Microsoft to hold an event and announce the new OS will be on Sept. 30.

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