Microsoft CEO: No Exciting Numbers for Windows 8

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How is Windows 8 faring so far? If Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer is to be believed, products running the cross-platform operating system are getting their shares of 'wow' compliments from admirers.

Exclusively interviewed by U.S.-based publication The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Mr Ballmer said hybrid laptops on Windows 8 served as conversation piece and when he showed off a sample unit to friends, the device spontaneously inspired amazement.

He, however, conceded that consumers were likely adjusting on the array of products pinned with the new refreshed Microsoft operating system.

"Numerically there's not really much that's interesting to report," the Microsoft CEO told WSJ on Monday, though he quickly added that reports from the ground were promising enough for a product that is expected to make some dent in the mobile device market by the early months of 2013.

Microsoft remains focus on his earlier declaration that devices and services to be pushed out by the firm will represent its fresh vision of integrated product rendering, in which "you really do see all of Microsoft well integrated into Windows 8 and Windows Phone."

In essence, the company mission revolves on the notion that Microsoft is empowering consumers and businesses to achieve their full potentials, which Mr Ballmer said is complementing the firm's earlier goal of placing PCs within reach of every individual around the world.

Microsoft operates on the same map road designed by its founder, Bill Gates, though reconfigured in order to accommodate the present setting of the tech world, in which mobile devices have become the epicentre of virtually all computing activities, Mr Ballmer allowed.

The company, he added, is all willing to engage fully in the fierce market competition and aggressive marketing approach is on the list.

"We have not done Windows-phone advertising for awhile. You'll see us get out and do that," the Microsoft chief said, largely confirming earlier reports that the company has a $US1 billion war-chest to fund the strong global push for Windows 8 and the Surface tablet.

When asked if Microsoft would further expand on its new-found interest in hardware business and possibly issue its own smartphone in the not-so-distant future, Mr Ballmer simply replied: "We're quite happy this holiday going to market hard with Nokia, Samsung and HTC."

But he hastily offered: "Whether we had a plan to do something different or we didn't have a plan, I wouldn't comment in any dimension."

What's definite at Microsoft at the moment is will continue evolving with him holding the rudder, Mr Ballmer stressed, a management set up, he added, that he would love to relish for the longest possible time.

"I will serve as long and no longer as both the board wants me, and I feel like I'm adding value and/or until somebody better should come in and take over," Mr Ballmer declared.

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